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Our parent's voices

To be honest, Sunrise Nursery completely blew all the other nurserys we've seen out of the water!  Its fantastic.

Both our son and daughter have gone to Sunrise since they turned 1.  All of the team have been incredibly welcoming, caring and kind.  They are always full of smiles and each day our children are involved in lots of activities both indoor and out.  In preschool our son has really enjoyed the forest school and football coach sessions.  They have both really grown in confidence as a result and we will be very sad when Sunrise is no longer a part of our lives. It is just like a little family where they really belong.

My son has been going to Sunrise for 6 months now, and I can honestly say I’ve been so impressed with all the lovely staff and how supportive and caring they all are.  My son was quite nervous to start with having been with a childminder for 2 years. However, he has quickly settled in and loves all the staff, toys and activities there!  Would highly recommend Sunrise if you’re looking for a warm, fun and caring place to send your child.

The past two years at Sunrise nursery have been the most wonderful time for my daughter, and the staff have always been so incredibly supportive and kind.  She loves being there, and has moved through baby toddlers all the way to upper pre-school - she often comes home tired and muddy and telling me about all the wonderful things she has done with her friends, and all her adventures.  As a single mum working full-time, I could not ask for a more supportive, caring, loving, and safe place for my daughter to be.

We have been thrilled since our son started at Sunrise.  The nursery has such warmth, care and kindness.  Everyone you meet is so welcoming and places such importance on every child. I feel reassured when I walk away that he will have a great day.  The team are so creative and do so much with the children.  The outside space is also brilliant as well as closeness to the Millennium Green so they can go on adventures and have lots of outside time which we know is so important in the early years. 

I cannot say enough positive things about Sunrise.  Watching both my children grow through each stage, there is nowhere I would feel more comfortable sending them. The staff at Sunrise are not only incredible with my son they are super friendly and reassuring at times when I have needed it.  My son has come on leaps and bounds with his learning since moving up to Baby Toddlers and we have noticed a big improvement in his speech.  He is so happy to come to Sunrise. 

We have two children at Sunrise and are extremely happy with the care and support they provide.  Sunrise feels like a family and the staff treat the children as if they are their own.  They provide a great level of care, a diverse range of activities and a nutritious diet.  I have recommended Sunrise to countless people.  I genuinely couldn't think of a better place I'd rather send my children. 

Our son has been with Sunrise for 3 years and the team have been fantastic with welcoming him, settling him, looking after him and helping him progress physically, mentally and emotionally.  The team always greet us with lovely smiles and give a great summary of his day in the afternoon.  There are always loads of enriching activities on offer.  they recently observed caterpillars becoming butterflies and are learning about space at the moment.  I've really appreciated how they have taught him valuable skills like drinking from an open cup from an early age, cracking eggs, number and letter recognition and spelling his name.  They foster independence at an early age and I love that the kids are involved with making some of the food that they eat and that they serve each other meals! Our daughter will be starting soon and It's great knowing that she'll be in safe hands. 

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