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About Us

We are a family run, private nursery on an acre and a half of land just outside the village of Kingston Bagpuize.  Opened by Fran in 2000 with 5 staff and 18 children, Sunrise Nursery has established over the years into the nurturing home from home we are today.


Fran and her daughter Jo passionately believe in providing outstanding care for our children.  We understand that joy and play are crucial to children's development and we strive to provide the most enriching environments we can.   We aim for the best in every area of our nursery -  food, resources, staff development and best practice are constantly evaluated and improved.  For example our new 'Sunrise Orchard' planted recently to benefit the children with cool shade and fresh fruit.  We enjoy keeping up to date with emerging theories and fresh ideas and have been at the forefront with ideas such as forest bathing, sensory food education and Responsive Feeding.   We are on site everyday and are always available to staff and parents.  

Our Mangers, Lisa Sennewald (Manager) and Kelly Wood (Deputy) work closely with our Room Leaders to ensure that an outstanding curriculum is offered to all children, ensuring that the staff always have the children's interest at the heart of their learning.  They spend time working in each room to gain a unique understanding of what the children and staff need to explore their environment, curiosity and imagination through play.

As our children move up through the nursery they encounter exciting new environments and resources for their next stage of development.  We have 5 separate rooms for our children; through ages 0-16 months (Babies), 16 months-2 (Baby Toddlers), 2-3 (Toddlers) 3-4 (Lower Pre-school) and for our children in their last year before school, Upper-Preschool.  This enables us to truly enjoy and deeply develop each stage of our children's development. 


We have large and exciting outside spaces and passionately believe in the many benefits of outdoor play.  Each room has its own large garden and outdoor classroom where our children explore and grow in the fresh air.  Most of our time is spent outside embracing this freedom and space.  We also benefit from direct access to the Millennium Green and all our children love to go on woodland adventure walks in the 'Deep Dark Forest' and visit the crocodile in the pond!

We are a 'screen free' nursery.  However, we embrace the integration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) into all our activities as much as possible.  Toddlers love to dance to number songs and count their dinosaur cards  whilst the Pre-school children enjoy practicing their coding skills by programming our robotic cats and dogs! 


All our staff are proud of the nursery we have become and the kind, warm and nurturing service we always strive to provide.  We'd love to welcome you into our family!


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